Training Center, School, Hotel School

Training at the ENSP, Yssingeaux France - © Luc Olivier

Because it is important that from the apprenticeship phase, apprentices and students in bakery, pastry and cooking fields are trained on the equipment they will use during their professional life, we offer the same equipment ranges as the professionals. Thus, at the end of their training or in their specialization, students will immediately be operational to use of cold equipment.

Furniture for training centers has the same requirements as for installed professionals:

  • a perfect control of the cold chain to avoid any health risk.
  • a perfect storage of raw materials and prepared foods so that they retain their original qualities
  • ergonomic and functional furniture that makes it possible to work ideally and with optimal hygiene in many kitchens, bakeries or laboratories.


Whatever the learning is, we offer a wide range of machines that will meet the needs of trainers and students.

For the deep-freezing of end products or raw materials you can rely on our deep-freezers storage, our mixed blast freezers for trays or gastronorm containers.

To store your previously frozen products, by your suppliers or yourself, choose one of our professional freezers: negative storage system with wicket doors.

For the preservation of your raw materials (dairy products, eggs, meat ...) and your dishes (prepared dishes, desserts, ...), we offer several cold storage solutions: refrigerators with wickets doors or cold rooms, ...

For baker apprentices, in order to raise their bread doughs, croissant doughs or pizzas doughs, we have a wide range dedicated to fermentation. The temperature of the dough, the air flows and the hygrometry are perfectly controlled for a successful fermentation. Whatever your fermentation technique is taught: proving, direct fermentation, retarder proving, slow proving, mass blocking in dough containers, we have a wide range of proving cabinets and chambers that meets the needs of learning.

To meet the needs of training and fully make use of space, Hengel equipment can be customized according to the needs of the school or high school.