Multi-Store, Franchises and Chains

Bakery chain, buns line

You are a baker and confectioner and the recognized quality of your products has allowed you to develop by opening several shops. Whether you have a central production center or several production centers, you have large production volumes that require the right equipment to produce and supply your sales outlets regularly while having consistent quality.

To continue to prosper, for you it is important:

  • to perfectly control the cold chain to avoid any health risk.
  • to have a perfect storage of raw materials and finished products so that they retain their original qualities
  • to have ergonomic and functional furniture that allows you to work efficiently in your production center(s) while offering optimal hygiene


For deep-freeze your production of doughs, pastries, snack products, etc., you can rely on our deep-freezers storage, our blast-freezers for trolleys or our deep-freezing tunnels for racks.

To qquickly cool down your creams, mousses or snack products (quiches, pies, ...), in accordance with the legal regulations, we offer blast chiller for trolleys or blast chilling tunnels for trolleys.

To keep your products previously frozen, by your suppliers or yourself, opt for our freezers with wickets doors.

For the preservation of your raw materials (egg, butter, milk ...) and your productions (quiches, pizzas, sandwiches, ...), we offer several cold storage solutions: professional refrigerators with wickets doors or cold rooms, ...

To raise your baking doughs (breads dough, pastries dough, pizzas / focaccias dough, brioches dough ...), many models of retarder proving chambers, mass proving chambers and proving tunnels for intensive use are available. Whatever your fermentation technique is: proving, direct proving, retarder proving, blocking (slow proving), mass blocking in dough containers, the temperature of the dough, the air flows and the hygrometry are perfectly controlled for a successful fermentation.