Collectivities, Supermarkets and hypermarkets (OT), Industry

Reinforced retarder proving tunnels for use in Hypermarkets

When the production volume becomes too large, it is essential to equip yourself with equipment specially designed for large volumes and intensive use. Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Food Industries, Communities (eg Hospitals) are well aware of this problem. Sometimes, the equipment are used 24/7 and the staff might not always be very careful with it ...
By developing reinforced ranges with additional protections, specific hinges, reinforced cold, etc., Hengel foresees that your equipment can stand the test of time and that:

  • the cold chain is perfectly controlled avoiding any health risk.
  • your products are perfectly stored so that they retain their original qualities
  • the equipment is ergonomic and functional so that your teams work comfortably in your production center while having optimal hygiene


To deep-freeze or quickly cool down industrially large volumes (pastries, doughs, meat, vegetables, prepared meals, ...), Hengel offers a wide range of tunnels with several refrigerating powers to perfectly fit your needs (number of cycles per day and quantity per cycle).

For the preservation of your frozen products, you can opt for a freezer with wickets doors (from 2 to 10), allowing optimal storage.

For the storage of your fresh products, 2 possibilities, storage in a wickets doors refrigerator or in a cold room specially adapted to your production center.

For bread-making, whatever your fermentation technique is, you will find the right equipment: reinforced fermentation chambers and tunnels for trolleys with grids or backing trays, chambers and mass proving tunnels for slow fermentation in trolleys with trays or dough containers.


How Hengel manages your project?

Hengel puts at your service more than 35 years of experience, to understand your business and your needs, list your constraints and give you a durable solution that will bring you complete satisfaction.
For each project, Hengel analyzes, designs, tests and installs solutions to deep-freeze, blast chill or store products in regulated atmospheres. In the built environment, the temperature and hygrometry are perfectly controlled.


Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss about your project. Our R & D Engineers team will guide you towards a functional, optimal and economically viable solution.