Artisan, Craft

Artisan boulanger, Artisan Pâtissier, Artisan chocolatier, Artisan Cuisinier

You are an artisan:

  • Baker
  • Confectioner / Pastry Chef
  • Chocolatier
  • Ice-cream maker
  • Cook Chef / Chef-restaurateur
  • Caterer
  • ...


And, you want to equip your production workshop soon with one or more refrigerated equipment?

You are in the right place, Hengel offers equipment designed to small and medium production volumes while offering a quality that every professional is entitled to demand:

  • a perfect control of the cold chain to avoid any health risk.
  • a perfect storage of raw materials and prepared foods so that they retain their original qualities
  • ergonomic and functional furniture that allows you to work ideally and with optimal hygiene in your kitchen, bakehouse or laboratory


Whatever your business is, we offer a wide range of machines that will meet your needs while having a minimal size.

For the deep-freezing of your products or raw materials, you can count on our deep-freezers storage, our mixed blast freezers for plates or gastronorm containers.

To store your previously frozen products, by your suppliers or yourself, choose one of our professional freezers: negative storage system.

For the preservation of your raw materials (dairy products, eggs, ...) and your dishes (prepared dishes, desserts, ...), we offer several solutions in positive cold storage : refrigerators with wickets doors or cold rooms, ...

So that bakers can ferment their breads, croissants or pizzas doughs, we have a wide range dedicated to fermentation. The temperature of the dough, the air flows and the hygrometry are perfectly controlled for a successful proving. Whatever your fermentation technique is: proving, direct proving, retarder proving, blocking (slow proving), mass proving in dough containers, we have a wide range of retarder proving cabinets and chambers.