Tunnels for trolleys

Designed for industrial production units wishing to invest in high-performance and robust freezing equipments capable of deep freezing (-35°C, -18°C core temperature) very large volumes in a minimum of time. The modular range of ZS freezing tunnels is based on three elements: the cabinet, the internal refrigeration section and the external condensing unit. This means that there are many possible combinations in width and depth. 

Ruggedness in every way :

• Panel joint system (male/female) for reinforced mechanical assembly and hig performance insulation
• Insulating panels 100 mm thick, inside and outside stainless steel injected with 43 kg/m3 polyurethane foam
• Insulating floor (thickness 100 mm) / inner anti-slip sheet in 20/10th stainless steel, highly reinforced
• Inner and outer stainless steel protection bars
• Large, robust push handle with anti-panic inner handle
• Waterproof electrical box

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