Designed to store previously frozen products at a negative temperature (-18°C), they allow you to have frost-free products at all times while maintaining their taste qualities.
Capacity of 38 to 78 sheets: 1 sheet of 400 x 600 mm per level.

Pâtisserie/ Bakery

Temperature range:
From -22°C to -18°C


  • Automatic stop of the ventilation when the doors are opened
  • Bi-Tronic Control Panel at eye level
  • Audible alarm in case of prolonged door opening or abnormal temperature rise
  • Easy cleaning of the entire unit
  • Easy access to wearing parts to simplify maintenance
  • Bitronic Interface
    • Simple and intuitive use
    • Permanent display of the current cycle and internal temperature
    • Various defrosting options


  • Adjustable stainless steel ladders and runners (15 mm pitch, standard 75 mm spacing, 30 mm width)
  • Indirect air system guarantees that the stored products do not dry out
  • Automatic stop of the ventilation when the doors are opened
  • Doors reinforced and stiffened with anodised aluminium profiles
  • Control cable routed through a highly reliable chrome-plated metal sheath
  • Adjustable stainless steel feet, height 150 mm
  • Compact evaporator
  • Defrost resistor in the core of the evaporator to reduce defrosting time and temperature
  • Easily removable heating cords
  • Interior and exterior panels in white lacquered steel injected with polyurethane, thickness 100 mm (43 kg/m3)
  • As standard, the first 2 gates are left-handed and the others are right-handed. Other fittings available upon request.
  • IP65 power cabinet
  • Delivered unassembled
  • Delivered without sheets


  • Added value larger stainless steel runner: 45 mm instead of 30 mm
  • External condensate drain pan for RCN range
  • Replacement of feet with cleats
  • Aluminium tray 400×600 mm
  • Stainless steel runner – standard width 30 mm
  • Stainless steel runner – standard width 45 mm



  • CCN40
  • CCN60
  • CCN80


Reference CCN40 CCN60 CCN80
Number of gates 468
Number of sheets in preservation 385878
Number of runners supplied 76116156
Width (mm) 153021952860
Height (mm) 225022502250
Depth (mm) 950950950
Depth with door open (mm) 148014801480
Condensate drain clearance:

Left side or bottom (mm)

Gross weight (kg) 349472799
Delivery Unassembled on film-wrapped pallet


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