These cabinets are designed to cool and hold 530×405 mm rectangular bins that can hold up to 7 kg of dough and 20L of dough. They are designed to ensure the mass growth of the dough.
As standard, they are supplied with 8 pairs of 45 mm slides adjustable every 15 mm.

Depending on the model and the height of the racks, they can therefore contain:

  • 16 racks of 530x405x145 mm spaced at 165 mm,
  • 20 racks of 530x405x95 mm spaced at 135 mm,


Temperature range:
From 2°C to 10°C


  • Bitronic Interface:
    • Simple and intuitive use
    • Incident reporting and audible alarm
  • Vertically mounted supply duct for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Refrigeration unit housed to operate up to 38°C ambient temperature
  • Anti-short cycle device for longer compressor life
  • Defrosting kit included
  • Two racks per level
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