The RSE range of freezer-preservers is designed for food industry professionals with higher requirements for the freezing of their products (core temperature of -18°C).
The RSE freezer-preservers have been optimised to offer outstanding performance in terms of power consumption, cold production and ergonomics.
Frozen products are frost-free and preserve their original organoleptic qualities.
The electronic regulator allows different types of gas to be used.


Temperature range:
From -35°C to -18°C


  • Defrost resistor in the core of the evaporator to reduce defrosting time and temperature
  • Scroll compressor with anti-short cycle function for longer life
  • Easily removable heating cords
  • IP65 power cabinet that can be positioned remotely


  • Hourly freezing capacity: 50 kg per cycle
  • 30% energy saving on average compared to the RS version (details available on request)
  • 3.5” Bi-Tronic Control 3 touch screen at eye level
  • More efficient air circulation for better temperature uniformity
  • Adjustable stainless steel shelves and runners (15 mm pitch, 45 mm width)
  • Powerful and fast automatic defrosting system
  • Indirect air system ensures that the stored products do not dry out
  • Automatic ventilation stop when the doors are opened
  • Electronic expansion valve


  • Internal LED lighting
  • Bi-Tronic Secure remote monitoring system
  • 2nd freezer door (mass capacity unchanged)
  • Additional pair of stainless steel slides
  • Internal and external stainless steel
  • Low-noise refrigeration unit
  • Mixed unit (air + water)
  • Water condensing unit
  • Intermediate extension
  • Aluminium tray 400×600 mm



  • RS10E
  • RS30E
  • RS50E
  • RS70E
  • RS90E


Reference RS10E RS30E RS50E RS70E RS90E
Number of gates 246810
Number of sheets in freezing 1414141414
Freezing capacity per sheet (kg) 3.573.573.573.573.57
Total freezing capacity (kg) 50 50 50 50 50
Number of sheets in preservation 2060100140180
Standard sheet spacing (mm) 7575757575


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