To meet the needs of industrial bakeries and supermarkets, everything is designed to ensure that the tunnels stand up to the test of time: additional protection, specific hinges, reinforced cold, etc.
The oven tunnels shown are for 600×800 mm trolleys.
Other models available upon request.

Industrial bakery / supermarket

Temperature range:

  • From -5 to 40°C
  • Adjustable humidity from 45 to 95%.


  • Interior lighting on the trolley exit side
  • Glycol water, R134A and CO2 evaporator
  • Temperature display on the trolley exit side
  • Double external aluminium side protection
  • Oven with hot water coil
  • Bi-Tronic 2 Control System
    • 4 possible programs (e.g. baguettes, special breads, pastries)
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