Kiln chambers are designed for intensive use in industry and large-scale distribution. Benefitting from the expertise of baking doughs with a perfect control of humidity and temperature as well as the possibility of setting up programmes by product categories, these chambers have additional protection, all stainless steel fronts and reinforced cooling.

Large-Scale Distribution / Industry


  • From -5°C to 40°C
  • Adjustable humidity from 45 to 95%


  • Bi-Tronic Slide
    • Simple and intuitive use
    • Permanent display of the current cycle and internal temperature
    • Incident reporting and audible alarm
  • Wide range with many options
  • 3 rising options at temperature: Direct, standard, linear or staged proofing cycle
  • 4 possible programs (e.g. baguettes, special breads, pastries)
  • Evaporator with anti-corrosion cataphoresis treatment
  • Automatic closing with hydraulic cylinder
  • Internal door protection
  • Double tube protection
  • BI-TRONIC 2 control system positioned in the pole


  • Kiln with hot water coil
  • White lateral lacquered steel exterior panels, stainless steel interior and interior ceiling, thickness 6 cm (43 kg/ m3)
  • Full stainless steel fronts
  • Double tube protection on front
  • Automatic closing with hydraulic cylinder
  • Evaporator with anti-corrosion cataphoresis treatment
  • Internal surfaces (including ceiling and front) in food-grade stainless steel
  • Fronts with a transom panel to reinforce the squareness and stability of the whole unit
  • Stainless steel door with stainless steel uprights to reduce wear and tear due to trolley friction
  • Double stainless steel tube protection to fully protect the door from any impacts. It also acts as a handle
  • Automatic closure with hydraulic cylinder placed outside to avoid any risk of corrosion
  • Special heavy-duty hinges, adjustable on all 3 axes (frictionless opening/closing, even on uneven floors)
  • Hinges equipped with a ramp for automatic closing of the door with a 115° lock for easy handling of trolleys
  • Fully enclosed hinges for better hygiene

Bi-tronic Control 2 control interface on the stainless steel post next to the door. It is protected by a thick, profiled stainless steel cover with a coding device for easy identification of the attached compartment

  • 4 possible programs (e.g. baguettes, special breads, pastries)
  • Door stop pads for shock absorption in case of sudden opening
  • Reinforced hygrometer with boiler tank and float
  • Delivered without trolleys


  • Glycol water, R 134 and CO2 evaporator
  • Double external aluminium side protection


We adapt to the needs of each individual, therefore a large number of configurations are available for our proofing tunnels. Get in touch to find out more.


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