In order to meet the specific requirements of craftsmen or high-volume production centres, we offer, on request, a range of reinforced chambers for 460×610 mm rack ladders. (From 6 to 60 ladders~)
Designed for intensive use and for slow mass proofing (+2°C/+10°C), they have been studied and designed to ensure a homogeneous and controlled growth without drying out the dough.
The refrigeration dimensioning and the aeraulic behaviour are studied and adapted according to each project


  • Total number of ladders (storage capacity)
  • Weight per ladder (in kg)
  • Information on the production flow (e.g. 4 ladders every 20 minutes in an 8 hour cycle)
  • Percentage of yeast (e.g. 1%)
  • Dough hydration rate (e.g. 60%)


Temperature range:

  • From 2°C to 10°C
  • Appropriate ventilation and airflow


  • Bitronic 2 Interface: Simple and intuitive use
  • Permanent display of the current cycle and internal temperature
  • Incident reporting and audible alarm
  • Special heavy-duty hinges, adjustable on all 3 axes (frictionless opening/closing, even on uneven floors)
  • Hinges equipped with a ramp for automatic closing of the door with a 115° lock for easy handling of trolleys
  • Fully enclosed hinges for better hygiene
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