Proofing cabinets are designed for bakers who wish to proof their doughs while controlling the time, temperature (cold and hot) and humidity.
Available in a variety of grid sizes and configurations, you are bound to find one that suits your needs.


Temperature range:
From -5°C to 40°C
Adjustable humidity from 45 to 95%.


  • Electronic Bi-Tronic 2 Control System
  • Wide range with many options
  • 3 temperature rise options: direct, standard, linear and staged proofing cycle
  • Simple and intuitive use
  • Permanent display of the current cycle and internal temperature
  • Incident reporting and audible alarm
  • 4 possible programs (e.g. baguettes, special breads, pastries)


  • White lacquered steel exterior panels, stainless steel interior and interior ceiling, thickness 6 cm (43 kg/ m3)
  • Vertical uprights made of highly impact-resistant anodised aluminium profile
  • Silicone door seal, easy to clean and remove
  • External protection in aluminium profile
  • Bi-Tronic Control 2 control interface at eye level
  • Electronic humidity sensor (except size 46 optional sensor) for precise humidity management
  • Refrigeration unit housed for operation up to 38°C ambient temperature (remote mounting possible within 8 m connection)
  • Electrical box on top of the machine
  • Right-hand closing as standard (left-hand closing on request)
  • Delivered assembled without grids (disassembled on request)
  • Removable and adjustable stainless steel runners with a 15 mm pitch, 30 mm wide
  • ABS feet, height 150 mm


  • Additional stainless steel runner for sizes 48 to 1280 – standard width 30 mm
  • Added value wider stainless steel runner for sizes 48 to 1280 – width 45 mm instead of 30 mm
  • Castor kit
  • External condensate drain pan
  • Float option
  • 800×800 mm grids with edge
  • 1000×800 mm grids with edge



  • AR-88E (800×800)
  • AR-89E (800×900)
  • AR-1080E (1000×800)


Number of compartments1
Number of levels22 grids at 75 mm intervals
HygrometerYes, electronic
Width (mm)102010201320
Depth (mm)124213021182
Depth with door open (mm)Single-leaf 2149
Double-leaf 1675
Single-leaf 2208
Double-leaf 1731
Double-leaf 1746
Height (mm)2420
Door opening (mm)8659001155
Gross weight (kg)290252321
DeliveryConnected and assembledDisconnected and unassembled


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