Our references, our customers

The Hengel’s clientele is diverse. We supply artisan bakers, pastry chefs, caterers, chefs, schools, super and hypermarket chains and industrial.
Deep freezing and storage can be extended to other fields such as medical or pharmaceutical.

Find out with the pictures some of our references.

Traditional Bakers and Confectioners

Bakery and pastry laboratory of the "l'Atelier"


Dardilly (69), France
Philippe Hiriart - MOF Glacier 2011

Philippe Hiriart, MOF Glacier 2011

Lyon, France
Retarder prover chambers - Brisson bakery

Brisson bakery

Surgères, France
David Capy in front of its deep-freezer storage

David Capy, MOF Pâtissier 2007

Bordeaux, France
Christophe Sedent, pastry chef member of the Tradition Gourmande

Christophe Sedent, pastry chef

Saint-Seurin-sur-l'Isle, France
Deep freezing of a viennoiserie trolley in a tunnel

Boulangerie Brecq, la Fromentière

Cognac, France
The Chocolatiers of Maison Mulnati

Maison Mulnati, French Chocolate Factory

Penticton, Canada
Retarder proving cabinet, Orly airport, Gontran Cherrier, Cakes and Bakes

Airport, Gontran Cherrier and Cakes and Bakes

Orly, France

Schools and Training Centers

Laboratory of the Colleges of Tourism, Murcie

Colleges of Tourism, Murcie

Murcia, Spain
Laboratory of the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie"


Yssingeaux, France
Training laboratory of the Chocolate Academy

Chocolate Academy center of Barry C.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ferrières School, the Harvard Hospitality (Cooking, Pastry, Oenology)

Ateliers Ferrières Hospitality

Ferrières-en-Brie, France
Valrhona chocolate laboratory

Valrhona School

Tain l'Hermitage, France

Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Reinforced retarder prover chambers, Carrefour Claira

Carrefour Claira

Perpignan, France
Bakery of the Woolworths supermarket

Woolworths supermarket

Melbourne, Australia
Retarder prover tunnels for trolleys, laboratory of Leclerc Barjouville

Leclerc Barjouville (28)

Barjouville, France
Retarder prover tunnels and  cold rooms for dough conditioner trolleys connected to CO2 central refrigeration unit


Englos, France
Stainless steel retarder prover with glass door

Supermarket chain Jan Linders

Wijchen, Netherlands
Retarder proving tunnel connected on CO2 refrigeration pack system


Fontenay-sous-Bois, France
3 Retarder proving chambers


Illiers-Combray, France

Industrial and Semi-industrial companies

2 retarder proving tunnels of 39 trolleys and 2 of 26 trolleys


Nantes, France
2 retarder proving tunnels of 33 trolleys


Senlis, France
Stainless steel retarder prover tunnels

Leduff, FB Solutions

Paris Garonor, France
Lounge Industrie laboratory of the production center

Lounge Industrie

Valence, France
Double deep-freezing tunnel


NC, Belgium
Retarder proving tunnels

Leduff FB Solutions

NC, United Kingdom
Deep freezing tunnel for plant. Use in the pharmaceutical / medical field

Pharmaceutical laboratory

NC, France
Deep-freezing tunnel for racks

La Parisienne de Baguette

Aubervilliers, France
Blast chilling and slow proving chambers for 5 tons of dough per cycle


NC, Belgium
Reinforced fermentation tunnels, stainless steel, glycol water


Haute-Rivoire, France

Bakery and Pastry chains

Brumby's Bakery


Melbourne, Australia
Pastry laboratory of Coffee Mania

Coffee Mania

Moscow, Russia
Bouloshka Briosh

Bouloshka Briosh

Moscow, Russia
Production site of the network "48"

The network "48"

Haillan, France
Ihle bakery chain shop

Ihle bakery chain

Friedberg, Germany

Hotels and restaurants

Pastry laboratory of the Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile Hotel

Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile Hotel

Paris, France
Anne-Sophie Pic and her team

Anne-Sophie Pic

Valence, France
Nicolas Renoir Pastry Chef

Mariott - Ambassador Hôtel

Paris 9ème, France
Hotel laboratory equipped with a refrigerator with 6 doors

Hôtel Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg

Paris 8ème, France