Hengel, official supplier of the World Pastry Cup 2017: The French are world champions!

The French team is world champion of pastry

This year, the SIRHA – World Hospitality and Food Service event – broke records by going beyond 200,000 visitors. This success is as much due to the quality and variety of the offer as prestigious competitions taking place simultaneously, including the World Pastry Cup.

For this 15th edition, Hengel has had the honor of being one of the official suppliers of the 2017 World Pastry Cup.

Under the watchful eye of Gabriel Paillasson, founding president, and jury members, 22 teams competed for two days of intense competition. The teams are composed of a chocolate chef, a pastry chef and a glacier chef, each team have had 10 hours to produce the following in front of an enthusiastic audience:

  • 3 chocolate desserts with Valrhona grands crus
  • 3 frozen fruit desserts from the Ravifruit range
  • 15 identical desserts on plate
  • 1 artistic creation made of sugar
  • 1 artistic creation made of chocolate
  • 1 artistic creation made of sculpted hydric ice

Each team had  at its disposal equipment and ingredients supplied by the most reliable and most reputable pastry suppliers.

In the kitchen, they had especially benefit from Hengel’s blast freezing and chilling cabinet with 10 levels. They were able to quickly deep-freeze and cool down their creations without losing their original qualities.

It was in an overexcited atmosphere that we attended the award ceremony.

The French candidates Jean-Thomas Schneider (ice cream), Bastien Girard (chocolate), Etienne Leroy (Sucre / pâtisserie), whom we have supported during the French team selection, won the gold medal for the 8th time and the “Vase de Sèvres” (a prize donated by the President of the French Republic and awarded to the country that scored the most points for the degustation).

They are followed by the Japan team with Takahiro Komai, Yoshiaki Uezaki and Takao Yamamoto which confirms its regularity among the best pastry nations.

On the third step of the podium, the Swiss Cédric Pilloud, Jorge Cardoso and Jean-Baptiste Jolliet also shone.

Hengel congratulates all the candidates. They belong to the Pastry elite and they have made us dream. We would also like to thank them for this beautiful and emotional event that brings the Pastry to the International.

The French Etienne Leroy
The French Bastien Girard sculpting chocolate
The French Jean-Thomas Schneider sculpting hydric ice
Gabriel Paillasson, founding president of the World Pastry Cup
2nd day of competition
The World Pastry Cup contest set
The prestigious medal of the World Pastry Cup
An exceptional grouping of the best pastry chefs from around the world
The Japanese public supporting its team
On the podium: Swiss, Japanese and French
Creations of the french team
Creations of the japanese team
Creations of the swiss team
Behind the scenes of the World Pastry Cup, a throw of toques!
Hengel team at the official photo with all the pastry chefs