Your catalog everywhere, all the time

My Hengel is a business application created for our partners and end-users

To facilitate the purchase and sale of our equipment, but also to consult all their technical specifications. Accessible on all media (computer, mobile and tablet), you can navigate on My Hengel in two different ways, starting now. Either as a reseller partner by downloading the application on your store for a consultation of the public prices, or as a user by freely consulting the online version of the application.

Our ranges

The presentation of our ranges adapted to each type of customers.

Our references

Our rates on all of our references.

Spare parts

Access to our catalogue spare parts

Live Alerts

Instant alerts on new products.

Better management

A possibility of shipment management approaches, budgetary approaches and product sheets.

Technical data sheets

All the technical details your customers needs.

Consult and present product sheets summarized. You can at any time, via the application, download them or send them in PDF format to your customer.

During a customer meeting, you may present the product sheets live and refine the request with the technical part thanks to the integrated sheets, directly available for consultation and download. My Hengel can be personalized according to the type of customer and your appointment. No more waste of time. In one click, you can easily propose products adapted to your business needs. Compose the best configuration related to your customers’ needs. Integrate options, give a budgetary approach and send the documents by email via the application. Create your folders, imports photos and files. A professional space to prepare your appointments and follow up with a statistical feedback on product consultations. 

Download the application

On the store of your choice and fill in your partner login details to access the catalogue with prices

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