The interfaces Bi-Tronic Control

Developed by our engineers, the Bi-Tronic Control fully meets the professionals’ needs and facilitates their daily organization.

The Bi-Tronic 1 is a polycarbonate touch screen with a display that offers basic features for a simple and effective use.

The Bi-Tronic 2 is equipped with six buttons and two displays showing the current cycle; setpoint and internal temperature. It allows the storage of up to 4 programs.

The Bi-Tronic 3 is equipped with a colour 3.5” touch screen display. It enables a direct access to the different work cycles, fully customizable to make your life easier. It also allows you to access and save different data such as temperature history, defaults, temperatures and electricity consumption. Finally, an USB input enables you to import and export parameters and programs, and to do software updates.

The Bi-Tronic B has a white digital display with 6 or 7 keys and 6 or 10 LEDs, depending on its use. Fully user focused, the control interface has been think back to be very easy to use.
Chooser the mode with a dedicated button for each. Time and setpoints are easily adjusted with the "Plus", "Minus" and "Enter" buttons.
Easy to use, it still remains powerful and will be connectable for local or remote control in the nexth months.
For deep-freezing and blast chilling (GS-C cabinets), two modes are available: setting with timer or core probe.
For preservation (ARN / ARP storage cabinets), it is possible to easily switch between 2 storage temperatures depending on your food (eg P1 at -18 ° C and P2 at -12 ° C).
For fermentation (ARF retarder proving cabinet), 2 modes are available: direct mode or cycle mode for retarder proving. A graph allows you to identify precisely which phase you are in, and to easily adjust your set points, if the previous saved do not suit you anymore.

Bi-Tronic Control Interface 1, 2 and 3. 1 at the top, 2 at the left and 3 at the right.
Refrigerating and freezing Bi-Tronic Control interface
Shock freezing / Blast chilling Bi-Tronic Control interface
Proving bi-tronic control interface