Our subsidiary Hengel Japon

Just 6 years after having started its activities, Hengel got engaged in an overseas approach and made the first sales to Japan. Building on its success, Hengel decided to create in 1993 a subsidiary in the Land of the Rising Sun : the Hengel Japon Co., Ltd. The filial is based at Nagaoka (Niigata Prefecture) since its creation. The company is currently composed of six members who are the responsible for conducting the sales; providing technical assistance; and developing the service activities.

The heart of the business of Hengel Japon, likewise of its headquarters in France, is the bakery and pastry industry. The equipment are designed for professionals of European pastry shops and Japanese sweet shops, but also for hotels, pastry training centers, restaurants and bakeries. Nowadays, the deep freezing equipment of Hengel has achieved a leading position in equipment sales for confectioneries. According to Mr. Yoshinori Takahashi, Sales Marketing Manager of Hengel Japon,”The Japanese sweets are very delicate, and each professional is looking for increasing the quality of the product while raising the productivity. The Hengel deep freezing - storage cabinets are thus able to perfectly meet their needs, and that’s why they are a must-have for professionals in the Japanese industry.

The Japanese market is, as in the majority of the capitalist countries, very competitive. Mr. Takahashi explains us that “The Hengel Japon faces a strong competition with several deep freezing and refrigeration manufactures in the country, nevertheless they outperform the competitors by always providing the newest technologies and most efficient equipment. Productions like chocolate and bread tend to gain importance and market share, therefore the company already plans to invest in a near future in other technologies such as chocolate storage and retarder prover equipment.

The Hengel Japon has a network of over 20 distributors in the country and numerous sales shops all over Japan, including big cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. The triumph of the brand in country is mainly due to the reliability of the equipment and the trust relationship built with the customers. Mr. Takahasi also stated that : “The majority of the machines that I sold since more than 20 years in Japan are still being operated without presenting any defaults thanks to the effective maintenance provided by trustful partners. Once you invest in an equipment of Hengel, you can be sure that it’s a long-term investment and that your equipment can be used over a long time, always having a reactive technical support as soon as you need.

For any other information about the Hengel Japon Co. Ltd., do not hesitate in contacting them at 00 81 0258-42-2292, or visit their web site www.hengeljapon.com

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