R&D and innovation are our top priority and key to our future

Study of dough fermentation

Offering innovative products and technical solutions  to meet the needs of today and tomorrow’s markets are the central elements of  Hengel’s strategy. To achieve this We rely on experienced and high-performance tools and the will to offer high-performance products.


The R & D team has many years of experience in the conception, design, development, qualification and industrialization of our equipments.. The materials are strictly selected and the equipment’s technical and ergonomics are developed according to the parameters of the Sustainable Development.

Strongly oriented towards the customer’s needs, the R & D team is willing to listen carefully to each request. Hengel is surrounded by professionals from all backgrounds in order to find innovative and adaptive solutions.


To ensure consideration of all of these factors and the production of more innovative equipment with a higher quality, it is important to keep in mind that the machinery are dedicated to our customers. To guarantee this, Hengel invested in two big projects: software for modelisation based on numeric Analysis (Ansys) and internal laboratory tests.


The construction of retarder proving, deep-freezing, blast chilling and  cooling storage equipment is not only focused on its technical aspects. Moreover, the performance of equipment is  measured by its yield and its influence on the products to transform.

DEVICE PERFORMANCE = Equipment’s technology + Interaction with the product

This is the partial list of axes on which we are working to improve our equipment efficiency: 

  • The airflow behavior,
  • Uniformity of the temperature repartition in the volume of the equipment,
  • The needed time before and after the freezing point, in order to preserve taste and texture
  • Relative humidity,
  • Energy consumption
  • Ergonomic and functional aspect
  • Design and quality of the components
Test laboratory equipped with a data analyzing station
Probes measuring various data (CO2, pH value, temperature, ...)
Test laboratory overview
Baking bread in a deck oven
Retarder proving and conservation area
Analysis of air flow and temperature with the Ansys software
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