Hengel a member of the Foodtech Alliance

Foodtech Alliance logo, French specialists of bakery and pastry

Hengel has teamed with bakery and pastry French specialists: MérandMaé, Guyon and Hubert Cloix. Together, within the Foodtech Alliance, we provide you turnkey solutions, innovative and profitable suitable for all production volumes.
Ingredients and equipment are adapted to follow recipes from beginning to ending process.

Each company still remains independent, but provides its expertise and experience to Foodtech Alliance to meet to bakery or pastry complete projects. Initially, the Foodtech Alliance was created to meet the needs of international professionals who wanted turnkey solutions.

Foodtech Alliance teams gather around the project, needs and constraints of our client to offer him:

  • Equipment
  • Ingredients & Recipes
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Turnkey solutions


A team work, experts of bakery and pastry
Implementation of the dough before passing through the cutting line Mérand
Atoupains Shaper divider - Mérand
Baguette tray - Maé
Molds and trays - Maé
Slow proving chamber for dough containers rack - Hengel
Deep-freezing tunnel for trolleys, viennoiseries
Baking on Guyon oven
Manual unloading
Tradition baguette
Realization of ice cream and sorbet in Hubert Cloix ice cream maker

Introducing members:

  • Mérand : Manufacturer since 1954 of bread dough processing equipment, we provide solutions for every type of bread in the World. Respecting your bread dough is a crucial point in the design of our machines. As a specialist we have a very large range of machines for the division, rounding and shaping of the dough balls, to really meet your needs. We offer scalable and versatile solutions based on your product range and the evolution of your production.
  • Maé : With over 20 years of experience supplying French Patisserie & Bread manufacturers, Maé’s team creates standard and customized trays with a specific process that includes CAD drawing & prototypes, at a reasonable cost, in a fast production lead time.
  • Hengel : Engaged in a constant process of innovation, Hengel designs and manufactures its products on its production site over 3 500m2. Hengel masters the sheet metal, injection and cooling activities. Hengel is able to offer global and customized solutions related to the deep freezing, storage and controlled fermentation (retarder proving).
  • Guyon : born 152 years ago, in the French Alps, Guyon still keep alive our ancestor’s traditions combined with the most latest high technology. Guyon provides you the most reliable ovens in the world, due to high quality of french components and the best rate of energy consumption, due to the use of natural raw stones such as Vosges stone and thicker insulation on the market. Reliable, thrifty, accurate cooking and high technology. The best oven choice.
  • Hubert Cloix: Hubert Cloix SA is a French manufacturer of agri-food equipment since 1973. Pastocookers for pastry and creams, multifunction machines for pastry and catering and ice cream makers. They has the ability to adapt and modify their machines.


Do you have a Bakery or Pastry project?

Do not hesitate, calls on the experience and complementary expertise of the Tech Alliance to imagine and create together a customized solution for your project.

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