The eco-responsible Blue Pulse approach

The eco-citizen approach, respect for nature

Aware that our future is built today, Hengel decided to get engaged in a new approach called Blue Pulse®.
Initiated by our research laboratory, its purpose is to develop and continuously improve the performance of our products with maximum respect for the environment.

The main areas of work are :

  • The constant research for energy savings
  • THE ECO-INNOVATION (integration of the Sustainable Development criteria in the process of product design to minimize environmental impacts)
  • The improvement of the ERGONOMICS and the DESIGN

For what purpose ?

  • ANSWER the new ecological and functional requirements of the customers
  • SAVINGS in raw materials and energy consumption
  • INNOVATE by offering new features to the products
  • ANTICIPATE on environmental legislation

At what price ?

Our goal is not to offer more expensive products, but, instead, to propose STANDARD products that benefit from the latest innovations and that will maintain the manufacturing quality of our customers.



  • Optimization in the process of cold generation contributing to a reduction in the power consumption on average 30%
  • Intuitive Bi-tronic Control 3 device with a 3.5’’ touch screen
  • Selection of suppliers based on their geographical proximity to limit the carbon footprint resulting from transport
  • Monitoring System Bi-Tronic Secure alerting you by email or SMS in case of failures
  • Use of eco-friendly materials and recyclable components