About Hengel


Performance at all degrees

Designer and manufacturer of deep freezing, blast chilling, storage and retarder proving equipment for the bakeries and pastries for more than thirty years, Hengel was able to assert itself as a quality brand in its sector.
Since its creation, Hengel has continued to specialize and innovate while respecting its core values of availability, quality, commitment, client support, responsiveness, and continuous development.



Featuring 3500 m² of production area, our equipment are entirely manufactured at our factory: from the design to the industrialization, including the sheet metal bending, injection and the cooling process. Our know-how and experience enable us to meet the needs of professionals from the bakeries, pastries and catering, either through direct support or via an efficient network of worldwide distributors.


  • Designer and manufacturer of deep freezing, storage and retarder proving equipment for bakeries since 1983
  • Production site located at Parigny (Loire) of 3500 m²
  • A subsidiary in Japan, Hengel Japan Co., Ldt. since 1993
  • Turnover of €6 million in 2013
  • 30 employees
  • A network composed of more than a hundred distributors in France and abroad in direct contact with professionals from the bakery, pastry and catering industry
  • CEO: Mr. Denis BIGOT