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Hengel Industrie

For over 40 years, Hengel has been designing and manufacturing freezing, refrigeration, preservation and controlled fermentation equipment for the food industry. 

Today, Hengel is a leading player in its sector. Since its creation, the company has never ceased to specialise and innovate in line with its values: 
– availability,
– quality,
customer support,
-innovation and continuous development. 

Control of the production process Our equipment is produced on site from A to Z thanks to a production area of 3,500 m², based in Parigny. 

Our know-how and experience enable us to meet the needs of food industry professionals directly or via an efficient network of distributors throughout the world.

3 Areas of application


Hengel offers several ranges of proofing cabinets, chambers and tunnels for the proofing of bakery products (breads, dough pieces, pastries...).

Deep freezing

Hengel offers a wide range of equipment to meet the needs of deep freezing and rapid cooling in the bakery, pastry, catering and food service industries.


Hengel offers a wide range of equipment adapted to all spaces and production volumes, for professionals in the bakery, pastry and catering industries.

Expertise & innovation

Meeting the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s market is a central part of our strategy. To achieve this, we rely on an experienced team, high-performance tools and the desire to offer you products at the cutting edge of technology. An experienced team The R&D team has several years of experience in modelling, conception, design, development, qualification and industrialisation of products. It rigorously selects the quality of the materials and assemblies used and perfects the technicality and ergonomics of the proposed products by integrating sustainable development parameters into the specifications. Resolutely customer-oriented, the R&D team listens to its users and knows how to surround itself with professionals from all walks of life to broaden its thinking and find adapted and innovative solutions.

Bi-tronic slide


• An intuitive interface: allowing you to start your own daily cycles by “Sliding from one programme to another on the touch surface.

• A technological environment : and scalable intelligence that adapts to your requirements and products

• Simplified keys and visual guidance: in all your choices and actions to get to the point and stay focused on your business

• A remotely connected solution: allowing a vision on the state and the functioning of its park for a continuous optimization of its production. • More peace of mind every day: thanks to a visual warning system in case of a fault during a cycle in progress.

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