Retarder prover tunnels for the industrial environment

To meet the requirments and intensive uses of the industrial bakeries, hypermarket and supermarkets, a retarder prover tunnel range is available in 2 versions.This includes additional protections, special hinges, stenghthened cold feature ... everything is provided for the retarder proving tunnels to stand the test of time. As the retarder proving chambers, they accommodate themselves to any type of bread making to optimize the desired outcome in terms of hydration, texture or aroma development. The interface Bi-Tronic Control 2 allows all types of fermentation: slow proving, traditional retarder proving, linear proving, stepped proving and proving.


Technical description

HGD "Standard range", the technical features are similar than the ones of the retarder prover chambers, however they are equipped with 3 hinges in each door, 2 door’s external protections in stainless steel, and reinforced hygrometry with boiler tank and water level as standard. (dimensions are identical to the standard range).

HGDR "Premium range" : The dimensions of this range are identical to the previous one, however the equipment and manufacturing are different in terms of ergonomics, robustness and simplified maintenance :

  • Interior and exterior surfaces food-grade stainless steel
  • Stainless steel door
  • Double tubular protection made of stainless steel to fully protect eventual doors collisions with trolleys, which also serves as a handle
  • Automatic closing with a hydraulic actuator located outdoors to avoid risk of corrosion
  • Metallic specific hinges for heavy loads, adjustable on three axes (opening/closing without friction, even on irregular floors)
  • Hinges equipped with a ramp mounted on a spring to automatically close the door but with a stop at 115° for safely handling trolleys
  • Hinges completely closed for better hygiene
  • Bi-Tronic Control 2 interface placed on the stainless steel panel side of the door. It is protected by a thick stainless steel profile with a coding to easily identify the compartment attached
  • Stop bumpers for shock absorption in case of sudden opening
  • Humidity with boiler tank and water level

Commercial documentation

Our ranges

  • HGD : Standard range

  • HGDR : Premium range (reinforced)


  • Same as retarder prover chambers
  • Interior light on opposite side
  • Evaporator for glycol water, R134A or CO2
  • Temperature display on opposite side
  • Double exterior lateral protection in aluminium
  • Prover with recycled warm water heating

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