Retarder prover chambers

Hengel retarder proving chambers are designed for both bakers as well as the demanding industrial sector.
They are available for trolleys with grids or baking trays. They are dedicated to all types of production and any type of bread making with an aim to deliver the desired product in terms of hydration, texture or developed aromas. The interface Bi-Tronic Control 2 allows all types of fermentation: slow proving, traditional  retarder proving, linear proving, stepped proving and proving. Time, rise in temperature and humidity are perflecty mastered. Whatever the launch time of the cycle, the dough is always raised at the time of baking.

Retarder prover chamber
Bi-Tronic Control 2 interface at the eye level - Proving
Metallic chrome handle with an external profile of protection made of anodized aluminium
Inside profile protection made of aluminium
Metallic chrome hinges equipped with an helical ramp to ease the door closing
Interior lighting
From -5°C to 35°C

Technical description

Retarder provers are available as standard, for the following supports:

TROLLEYS WITH GRIDS: 660x810, 860x610, 960x810, 1070x810 or 1270x810 mm

ROLLEYS WITH BAKING TRAYS: 460x810, 660x810 or 810x910 mm

For any other trolley size, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Exterior surface in white lacquered steel, interior in stainless steel (included ceiling), thickness 6 cm (43kg/m3 polyurethan foam insulation)
  • Vertical door profile anodized aluminium resistant to shocks
  • Silicone gasket door easily removable and cleanable
  • Ergonomic interface Bi-Tronic Control 2
  • Automatic closing with a hydraulic actuator located outside trolleys ways
  • Interior profile protection made of stainless steel
  • R404A remote refrigeration unit (remote installation possible within 10m connection) designed to operate up to 35°C room temperature 
  • Anti-short cycle for a longer compressor life
  • Electronic humidity sensor for better accuracy and reactivity.
    Adjustable sensor from 45 to 90% (accuracy of 1%).
  • Air mixing cycle during cooling to avoid temperature variations over the height of the trolleys
  • Reduced ventilation during the proving with possibility of adjustments to improve the proving results
  • Technical service duct fitted vertically for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Evaporator with stainless steel frames and anti-corrosion treatment (cataphoresis)
  • Centrifugal fan for optimal heat exchange in the whole volume of the chamber
  • Heater with safety thermostat for heating during proving
  • Humidity by spraying water
  • Air service duct to ensure uniform flow
  • Power box fully protected IP65 can be positioned either on the chamber or on an outer wall (distance < 2 m from the control interface)
  • Interior lighting
  • As standard, hinges are on the right (left upon request)

Commercial documentation

Our ranges

  • HG: for trolleys with grids

  • HF: for trolleys with baguette trays


  • Reinforced humidity with fload
  • Exterior in stainless steel
  • Interior of ceiling in stainless steel
  • Larger door
  • Double door instead of single door
  • Additional door
  • Additional double door
  • Exterior tubular protection in stainless steel
  • Glass window on door
  • Stainless steel floor, 9 mm thickness
  • Grids
  • Tropicalised refrigeration unit
  • Silent and tropicalised refrigeration unit
  • Variable compressor power
  • Prover only

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