Retarder prover cabinets

Retarder prover cabinets are for bakers who manage precisely dough fermentation process, controling time, temperature (both hot and cold) and humidity. They are available in different grids and baking trays sizes with several configurations. This will ensure that you will find one that meets your needs.They allow any type of proving: standard, linear, stepped or even slow proving to get the desired result in terms of hydration, alveolate crumb or aromas development.

Technical description

The retarder proofer cabinets are available in various sizes for grids, baguette trays or trolleys with grids:

  • Size 46: 400x600 mm
  • Size 48: 400x800 mm
  • Size 58: 460x800 mm or 450x750
  • Size 68: 600x800 mm
  • Size 1080: 1000x800 mm


  • Exterior surface in white lacquered steel, interior (included ceiling) in fool-grade stainless steel
  • Panels thickness 6 cm (43kg/m3 polyurethan foam insulation)
  • Metallic chrome hinges equipped with a spiral ramp to ease clothing the door
  • Vertical door profile anodized aluminium resistant to shocks
  • Silicone gasket door easily removable and cleanable
  • Ergonomic Bi-Tronic Control 2 interface at the eye level
  • R452A tropicalized built-in refrigeration unit (remote installation possible within 10m connection). Designed to operate up to 43°C room temperature without alteration of its life duration;
  • Anti-short cycle for a longer compressor life
  • IP65 power box positioned upper part
  • Right-hand hinges as standard (can be changed upon request).

For the grid versions

  • Stainless steel slide ways adjustable every 15mm, width 30 mm
  • Plastic feet with a height of 150mm


Commercial documentation

Our ranges

  • AR: retarder prover cabinets for grids, 27 levels from 1 to 3 independent compartments

  • AR D2E: retarder proofer cabinets for grids, 2 independent compartments of 12 levels

  • ARM: retarder prover cabinets for grids, 20 levels

  • ASF: retarder provver cabinets for grids, 10 levels from 1 to 2 independent compartments equipped with a stainless steel top

  • HG: retarder proofer cabinets for trolleys 20 levels (grids or baguette trays) from 1 to 3 independent compartments

  • HGW: cabinets for trolleys 20 levels (grids or baguette trays) from 1 to 3 independent compartments


  • Electronic humidity sensor for size 46
  • Exterior in stainless steel
  • Remote or reinforced refrigeration unit on AR/HG68
  • Casters
  • Defrost heater
  • Level regulator
  • Additional stainless steel slide way with a width of 30 mm
  • Wider stainless steel slide ways (45 mm instead of 30 mm)
  • External tank for defrost water evaporation
  • Glass window on door
  • PE-Stainless steel composite floor, 9 mm thickness (for trolley cabinets)
  • Grids
  • Specific voltage 60 Hz upon request
  • Switching pressure regulator for using an other refrigerant than the R452A

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