Retarder prover cabinets HECO

The HECO range illustrates the desire of Hengel to present the most competitive equipment. The HECO retarder proofer cabinets are therefore a refined version of our standard range, with a return to the basic functions necessary for an effective proving. With its height inferior than 2.1 meters and its design, the HECO always finds its place among the small bakeries and small budget.

Technical description

The HECO range is a lighter variation (less expensive) of the standard range; it has the same features with the exception of:

  • Exterior and interior surface in white lacquered steel, 
  • Panels thickness 6 cm (43kg/m3 polyurethan foam insulation)
  • Silicone gasket door easily removable and cleanable
  • Ergonomic Bi-Tronic Control 2 interface positioned above the door
  • Mechanical hygrometry probe for grid size 600x800 mm
  • Stainless steel slide ways adjustable every 15mm, width 30 mm
  • Plastic feet with a height of 150mm
  • R452A built-in refrigeration unit, designed to operate up to 38°C room temperature without alteration of its life duration
  • Anti-short cycle for a longer compressor life
  • Right-hand hinges as standard (can be changed upon request)

Commercial documentation

Our ranges

  • HECO46G : for grids 400x600 mm

  • HECO68G : for grids 600x800 mm


  • It is not possible to customize this model with options.

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