Retarder proving cabinet ARF

The ARF retarder proving cabinet is intended for crafts bakers with a small budget or with a bakehouse with low ceiling height (prover height: 2m05). This fermentation cabinet provides the indispensable functions to professsionals wishing to effectively raised their doughs bakery (breads, pastries, pizzas, buns ...). This proving cabinet controls perfectly the time, the temperature (cold and hot) and the humidity rate. It allows all types of breadmaking and fermentation methods in order to obtain the desired dough in terms of hydration, honeycombing or aroma development. Available only for grids size 600x800 mm, it replaces the basic model HECO68.

Technical description

For now, this model is only available for the standard size of grids or trays 600x800 mm.


  • 20 levels as standard (possibility to have up to 23 optional levels)
  • Removable and adjustable stainless steel slides with a step of 15 mm, width 30 mm (20 pairs supplied, possibility to have up to 23 pairs in option)
  • Exterior and interior in scratch-resistant, white plasticized steel. Polyurethane foam insulation 43 kg / m3, 6 cm thickness
  • Door with non overflowing handle. Right hinges as standard, reversible door on site.
  • Stopping the ventilation when the door is opened
  • Magnetic door seal easily removable and cleanable
  • Next generation Bi-tronic Control interface
  • Electronic hygrometry probe offering precise humidity management. Sub-boiling reinforced hygrometry system (the water can evaporate without reaching the boiling point) with water level
  • R452A (Europe) or R404A (rest of the world) built-in tropicalised refrigerating unit designed to operate up to 43 ° C ambient 
  • Anti-short cycle device for longer life of the compressor
  • Adjustable stainless steel feet, height from 8 cm to 11.5 cm
  • Cabinet delivered standing without grids (height 2052 mm)

Our ranges

  • ARF68: for grids / trays 600x800 mm


  • Extra stainless steel slides to get 23 levels instead of 20
  • Connection device for remote control and access of the machine

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