Deep-freezing and blast-chilling tunnels for trolleys

The deep freezing chambers or tunnels are designed for industrial units requiring high performance devices that can deep-freeze (shock freeze) (-35°C, -18°C core temperature) very large volumes in a minimum amount of time. Flexible and power adaptable, they are designed to hold grids and gastronorm trolleys. They can freeze all kinds of products according to your needs:  pastry, viennoiserie, fruits, vegetables, meats, prepared dishes, plants ... 

Deep-freezing tunnel for all size of trolleys / racks
Removing of a frozen vienneses bread trolley in less than 10 minutes
Cold generation by vertical evaporator
Easy access to the evaporator for maintenance and cleaning
Stainless steel lateral inside protection
Large handle with locking possibility
From -18°C to -35°C

Technical description

  • Standard trolley sizes: 600x800, 800x800, 800x1000, 600x400, 750x950, 800x1200, 800x400, 400x800, 800x900, GN1/1, GN1/2
  • DEEP-FREEZING CAPACITY of potato puree (norme ACD40-003 norm) :
    270 mn cycle - Input temperature +63°C - Core temperature 18°C: from 190 to 600 kg per cycle
  • DEEP-FREEZING CAPACITY of meat (thickness of 4cm) :
    120 mn cycle - Input température +3°C - Core temperature: from 170 to 500 kg per cycle
  • The deep-freezing / blast chilling power is adaptable according to your needs (number of cycles per day and quantity to deep-freeze / fast cooling per cycle)


  • 3,5” touch screen interface Bi-Tronic Control 3 at the eyes level
  • Air blow system with double vertical flow for a better temperature uniformity
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Variable fan speed
  • Reversible door (in standard, hinges are on the right)
  • Core temperature probe Thermo Sensor
  • Easy cleaning of the equipment (chamfered corners)
  • Ventilated / Electrical defrosting system. Automatic and manual mode
  • Evaporator with fin spacing adapted to delay the frost formation
  • Large handle with locking mechanism + internal anti-panic handle
  • Lateral interior and exterior protections made of stainless steel
  • Pivoting ventilation door, easy access for maintenance
  • Insulated striped floor (thickness 10 cm) equipped with stainless steel (20/10) access ramp
  • Polyurethane foam insulation (43kh/m3) with 10 cm thickness, interior and exterior in stainless steel
  • Delivered with or without refrigeration unit (quiet, tropical and streamlined)


Outlet of a pastry trolley after deep-freezing, less than 10 minutes at -40 ° C. Croissants and other pastries have no frost.

Commercial documentation

Our ranges

  • ZS : from 1 to 14 trolleys

  • ZS : more than 14 trolleys on request


  • Temperature report
  • Stainless steel ramp
  • Connection to a R404 refrigeration pack system unit on study
  • Deep-freezing chamber, 1 door less

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