Premium deep-freezer storage cabinet RS E

Aware that the future is built through today’s actions, Hengel has decided to take the path of sustainable development (Blue Pulse approach). This new philosophy is an engagement to reduce the footprint left on the environment by the equipment while providing a real gain in functional terms. The optimization of the assembly characteristics, more specifically the generation of cold, led to a patent. Innovations and design, more than just a deep-freezing storage cabinet…

Deep-freezer storage RS E Blue Pulse 6 doors
Door of negative storage
Doors reinforced and stiffened by aluminium profiled sections
3.5” Touch screen Bi-Tronic Control 3
Exterior in food grade stainless steel
Thermo sensor temperature core probe to automatically stop the deep freezing process when core temperature is reached
From -35°C to -18°C
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Technical description


  • Deep-freezing capacity: 50kg - 14 or 34 trays 400x600 | 7 or 17 trays 600x800
  • Freezing / Storage capacity : from 20 to 180 trays 600x400 | from 10 to 90 trays 600x800
  • 30% of energy savings on average
  • 3.5” Touch screen Bi-Tronic Control 3 at the eyes level and integrated to the door
  • More efficient air circulation ensuring a better temperature homogeneity
  • Racks and slide ways adjustable every 15mm, width 45mm
  • Automatic defrost powerful and fast
  • Blowing air under the products to avoid dryness
  • Automatic ventilation shut-down when the doors are opened
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Optional LED lighting
  • Adjustable stainless steel feet, height 150 mm
  • R449A compact evaporator
  • Defrost heaters at evaporator core to reduce defrosting time and temperature
  • Heating cables easily dismantled
  • Anti-short cycle for a longer compressor life 
  • In standard, hinges are on the left for the two first doors and they are on the right for the other ones. Other hinges upon request. 
  • Exterior and interior panel in white lacquered steel thickness 10cm, insulation foam density 43kg/m3 
  • IP65 remote power box 
  • Equipment delivered dismantled with remote refrigerating unit. Not connectable to refrigeration pack system unit.

>> Notice on European regulation of storage temperatures

Commercial documentation

Our ranges

  • 2 trays 400 x 600 mm per level : modulable range RS E, deep-freezing capacity 50 kg


  • Interior LED lighting (per compartment)
  • The monitoring system Bi-Tronic Secure
  • 2 deep freezing doors (unchanged mass capacity)
  • Pair of stainless steel slide ways
  • Stainless steel inside
  • Stainless steel outside
  • Silent refrigerating unit
  • Refrigerating unit with mixed condensation (air + water)
  • Refrigerating unit with water condensation
  • Intermediate freezer extension
  • Aluminium tray 400 x 600 mm

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