Refrigerated tables, static or ventilated refrigeration

The HENGEL refrigerated tables, also called preparation tables, are designed to cooking or pastry cooking on top and preserve foodstuff products on bottom (400x600 mm trays with entry in the 400 mm).
They are available in two ranges: static refrigerated tables are dedicated to preserve finished pastry products or semi-finished (toppings). Ventilated refrigerated tables requires that foodstuffs are previously refrigerated.

Technical description


The stainless steel refrigerated table are dismantled and proposed with 2, 3 or 4 doors:

  • Exterior and interior surfaces in stainless steel
  • Polyurethane foam insulation (CFC  free) 43 kg/m³, thickness 70mm;
  • Rounded corners inside
  • Reversible doors on pivots
  • Chrome handles
  • Removable magnetic gasket door
  • Delivered without top, connected and assembled

The technical equipment includes:

  • R404A built-in refrigeration unit, placed on the right
  • Evaporator with auto defrosting system
  • External tank for defrosting water evaporation
  • Electronic control
  • Adjustable slide ways every 35 mm
  • Stainless steel legs 80 mm height (150 mm upon request)

>> Notice on European regulation of storage temperatures

Our ranges

  • GTPS: from 2 to 4 doors, static refrigeration

  • GTPV: from 2 to 4 doors, ventilated refrigeration


  • Stainless steel top with headboard
  • Granite top
  • Remote refrigeration unit
  • Exterior in white
  • Casters

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