Freezer rooms / Negative walk-in coolers

The freezing storage rooms, also called, walk-in coolers, are designed to conserve various foodstuffs at -18/-20°C on shelves or on trolleys on a surface and a defined volume according to your laboratory (standard or custom model).

Technical description


  • Injected polyurethane foam panels (100 mm thickness) with Interior and exterior in white

  • Outer height = 2330 mm (if disbursed masonry, height of 2470 mm)

  • Inner height = 2230 mm / 1850 under the evaporator

  • Floor in insulated reinforced panel (maximum load of 500kg over 4 wheels)

  • Door passageway = 800 or 950 mm (to be specified upon request) 

  • Bi-Tronic Control 2 regulation

  • Alarm box for trapped person

  • Delivered with a hinged door (specify hinge upon request)

  • Delivered with remote refrigeration unit without shelves or trolleys

The calculation rules of refrigeration equipment are based on a daily 20 kg/m3 at -16°C product storage, installation running 18 hours a day for a room temperature of 28°C.

>> Notice on European regulation of storage temperatures

Our ranges

  • CFN range : available in standard for a volume from 3 to 16 m³. For any other request, do not hesitate in contacting us.


  • Strip curtains
  • Additional door
  • Sliding door instead of traditional (depending on the module)
  • Additional sliding door (depending on the module)
  • Ramps
  • Temperature recorder
  • Interior skirting
  • Rounded corners
  • Interior side protection in aluminium
  • Double lateral outside protection in aluminium
  • Interior in stainless steel
  • Exterior in stainless steel

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