Freezer cabinet

Sometimes called professional freezers, the negative storage cabinets are designed to store pre-frozen products at a negative temperature (-25 ° C to -18 ° C). They allow artisans who want to better manage their production, to have frozen products without frost at any time and which retain their organoleptic qualities (taste, appearance). Depending on the height of your products, you can adjust the spacing of your 400x600 mm or 600x800 mm plates and store up to 60 plates of 400x600 mm  in a single negative temperature cabinet!

Stainless steel freezer cabinet, 1 door
Open freezer cabinet with plates
Double depth, 2 plates 400x600 mm per level
HMI - Bi-Tronic Control B control interface, 2 temperature modes
Diamond-shaped bottom for condensate evacuation
Stainless steel racks and slideways. Adjustment every 15 mm
From -25°C to -18°C

Technical description


  • For spacing levels of 75 mm: 18 trays 600x800 mm or 36 trays 400x600 mm
  • For spacing levels of 60 mm: 23 trays 600x800 mm or 46 trays 400x600 mm
  • For spacing levels of 45 mm: 30 trays 600x800 mm or 60 trays 400x600 mm


  • Indirect air system to avoid dryness of stored products
  • Automatic ventilation shutdown when door is opened
  • Reversible door
  • Sound alarm if a door is opened too long or in case of abnormal temperature rise
  • Adjustable stainless steel racks and slideways (step of 15 mm, width of 30 mm)
  • Connected control interface: Bi-Tronic Control B, 2 temperature modes
  • Adjustable stainless steel feet, height 150 mm
  • Ventilated ceiling evaporator with R452A or R290A refrigerant
  • Automatic and manual defrost
  • Removable heating cables
  • Capillary pressure regulator
  • Interior and exterior in stainless steel, thickness insulation panels of 7 cm (polyurethane foam insulation 43kg / m3)
  • Hermetic piston compressor
  • Compressor with anti-short cycle guaranteeing a longer compressor life
  • As standard, hinges are on the right. Reversible door.
  • Integrated power box
  • Plug & Play device delivered assembled with built-in refrigeration unit, ready to install


>> Notice on European regulation of storage temperatures

Our ranges

  • ARN: standard version, R452A refrigerant

  • ARN-G: reinforced cold version, R452A refrigerant

  • ARN-R290: standard version, R290A refrigerant

  • ARN-G-R290: reinforced cold version, R290A refrigerant

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