Cold rooms / Walk-in coolers

The cold rooms / walk-in coolers are designed to the storage of foodstuffs (CFP range) or for conservation, blocking and slow proving of dough containers on racks (CFPB range) at a temperature of +2°C/+4°C.
They were designed to offer the best performances in both thermal capacities and modularity. Moreover, the simplicity and reliability of the assembly are ensured thanks to a system of metal assembly brackets with progressive eccentric clamping.

Technical description


  • Injected polyurethane foam panels (60 mm thickness) with Interior, exterior and inside ceiling in white
  • Ventilated refrigeration system with automatic defrost
  • Rounded corners outside to facilitate cleaning
  • Outer height = 2100 mm
  • Inner height = 2040 mm (1800 under the evaporator)
  • No floor
  • Door passageway = 705 mm (possibility to have 855 mm)
  • Bi-Tronic Control 2 regulation
  • Single semi-recessed leaf door with automatic closing system by hydraulic cylinder
  • Metal chromed hinges
  • Vertical door profile anodized aluminium resistant to shocks
  • Silicone gasket door easily removable and cleanable
  • Evaporator on the ceiling
  • Room delivered with remote hermetic piston refrigeration unit, without shelves or trolleys

The calculation rules of walk-in cooler equipment are based on a daily 20 kg/m3 at 20°C product introduction, installation running 18 hours a day for a room temperature of 28°C.

>> Notice on European regulation of storage temperatures

Our ranges

  • CFP: they are intended for storing food on shelves

  • CFPB: they are intended for conservation blocking and slow proving dough containers on trolleys (more powerful refrigerated unit)


  • PE-stainless steel composite floor, thickness 9mm + 1 ramp
  • Additional simple leaf door
  • Double leaf door instead of single lead door
  • Interior side protection in stainless steel
  • Double exterior protection in aluminium
  • Exterior in stainless steel

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