Chocolate storage cabinet

Choclate storage cabinets for pastry chefs and chocolatiers are intended to keep chocolates in optimal conditions. Stored in environment protected from light, odors and in a controlled atmosphere (temperature and hygrometry), chocolates will retain all their original organoleptic properties (including taste, sight, smell and touch). Chocolate storage cabinets are available for 2 sizes of grids or trays: 400x600 mm or 600x800 mm. Depending on the professional organization, they are available either with a large door or with 2 compartments (same settings).

Technical description

  • Exterior surface in white lacquered steel, interior (included ceiling) in stainless steel
  • Panels thickness 6 cm (43kg/m3 polyurethan foam insulation)
  • Vertical door profile anodized aluminium resistant to shock
  • Metalllic chrome hinges equipped with a spiral ramp to ease closing the door
  • Silicone gasket door easily removable and cleanable
  • Inside profile protection made of stainless steel
  • Control interface located above the door
  • Electronic humidity sensor for precise humidity control
  • Stainless steel slide ways are adjustable every 15 mm, width 30 mm
  • Plastic feet with a height of 150 mm
  • R452A built-in refrigeration unit (remote installation possible within 10 m connection). Designed to operate up to 38°C room temperature without alteration of its life duration
  • Anti-short cycle for a longer compressor life
  • IP65 power box positioned upper part
  • Standard have right hand hinges (can be changed upon request)


If you need higher storage capacity, you can switch to chocolate positive storage systems that offer up to 8 storage doors.

Commercial documentation

Our ranges

  • ARMC: 1 large door, for 20 grids / trays 400x600 or 600x800 mm

  • ARC-2PO: 2 wickets, for 24 grids / trays (2x12) 400x600 or 600x800 mm


  • Exterior in stainless steel
  • Casters
  • Additional stainless steel slide way with a width of 30 mm
  • Wider stainless steel slide ways (45 mm instead of 30 mm)
  • External tank for defrost water evaporation
  • Tropicalised refrigeration unit
  • Grids
  • Trays

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