At Hengel, innovation has been part of our DNA for over 35 years. We are user-centric, striving to improve your experience and your daily life.

With this in mind, we have created the new Bi-tronic SLIDE control, an intelligent, intuitive and fast interface. Designed to become a real partner in your daily life, it will facilitate the proper management of your equipment.


An intuitive interface

that allows you to launch your own daily cycles by "sliding" from one programme to another on the touch-sensitive surface.

A state-of-the-art technological environment

and scalable intelligence that adapts to your requirements and your products.

Simplified keys and visual guidance

through all your choices and actions to keep you focused on your job.

A remotely connected solution

providing a view of the status and operation of your equipment for continuous optimisation of your production.

More peace of mind on a daily basis

thanks to a visual alert system in the event of a fault during a cycle in progress.

An ultra-resistant and waterproof surface

to launch your cycles in all circumstances without fear of wear and tear.

An innovative "clip & play" magnetic

mounting system that allows you to connect the Bi-tronic SLIDE to your equipment at a glance and to access the connections easily.

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Meet our innovation from March 26 to 29 on our booth P20/HALL1.

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