Pastry, ice cream, chocolate

Millefeuilles, Fruit Pies, Rum Babas, Fruit Mousses, Chocolate Domes, Chocolate or Coffee Eclairs

There's nothing better than a cake, a dessert, an ice cream or a piece of chocolate to end a meal smoothly.

Fortunately, pastry chefs, ice cream makers, confectioners and chocolatiers bend over backwards to offer the best of their art to their customers:

  • a perfect control of the cold chain to avoid any health risk.
  • a perfect storage to preserve the finest original qualities of the raw materials, pastries, ice creams and shaped chocolates
  • ergonomic and functional equipment adapted to your laboratory to work comfortably and with optimal hygiene

To coat your pastries, make inserts or meet needs in case of high demand, it is often necessary to deep-freeze your products. Hengel offers a wide range of equipment depending on your volume and your working method: deep-freezer storage cabinet, mixed blast freezer  or deep-freezer tunnels for trolleys. To deep-freeze these delicate products and ensure that their initial qualities (appearance, taste) are preserved, air flows (ventilation) are optimized for this application.

For the fast cooling of your creams, mousse, jellies or other preparations adopt a blast chiller for trays or trolleys, or a blast chilling tunnel.

To store your ice creams, sorbets, fruity preparations, frozen pastries or other previously frozen desserts, while keeping unchanged their flavors and consistencies, choose one of our professional freezers: negative storage system with wickets doors.

To preserve your chocolates as professional standards (temperature, hygrometry controlled and protected from the light), Hengel proposes a range of chocolate storage cabinets.

For fresh storage of your raw materials (eggs, butter, fruit, ...) and cakes (pies, mousses, choux ...), we offer several solutions of refrigerating: positive storage system or cold rooms, ...