Other applications

Frozen plants for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Refrigeration applications do not only apply to the Food Industry, indeed, multiple business sectors require cold control in their process.

For each Industry, its specificity. For every need, Hengel analyzes, designs, tests and installs solutions to deep-freeze, fast cooling or store products in regulated atmospheres. In the created room, temperature and hygrometry are perfectly controlled:

  • a perfect control of the cold chain to avoid any health risk
  • a perfect storage of matter so that they retain their original qualities
  • ergonomic and functional equipment that allows you to work comfortably in your laboratory or in your production workshop while having optimal hygiene


Here are some examples of application areas for our equipment: Pharmaceutical Industry, Cosmetics, Chemistry, Research, ...

To deep-freeze small volumes, Hengel offers blast freezers for plates or trolleys. For larger volumes (trolleys or pallets), deep-freezing tunnels will be the ideal equipment.

Do you need to quickly cool products after they are taken out of the oven or their molten? Blast chilling cells or blast chilling tunnels are the solutions.

To keep your products at negative temperatures, Hengel offers a wide range of freezers with wickets doors.

To store your products at positive temperatures, there is also a wide variety of refrigerators or custom-made cold rooms.


As standard, or custom-made, we certainly have the solution, do not hesitate to contact us.