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Core frozen toasts in a shock freezer

The hotel and restaurant sector, also known as HORECA, includes a large number of jobs that need refrigeration equipment to guarantee their customers:

  • a perfect control of the cold chain to avoid any health risks
  • a perfect storage of raw materials and prepared foods so that they retain their original qualities
  • ergonomic and functional furniture that makes it possible to work ideally with optimal hygiene in the kitchen or in the production workshop


Whether you are a restaurateur, a butcher, a caterer, a pizzaiolo, a fishmonger, a cheese maker or other, we offer a wide range of machines that will meet your refrigeration needs.

For the deep-freezing of your prepared meals, finger foods or raw materials (meats, fish, crustaceans, fruits, vegetables, ...) you can count on our deep-freezers storage system, our blast freezers or our deep-freezing tunnels for racks.

To store your previously frozen products, by your suppliers or yourself, choose one of our professionnal freezers with wickets doors.

For the conservation of your raw materials (dairy, fish, vegetables, ...) and your meals (prepared dishes, desserts, ...), we offer several cold storage solutions: refrigerators with wickets doors or cold rooms, ...