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Hengel, a french manufacturer

Since more than 30 years, Hengel designs premium refrigeration products of deep-freezing, blast chilling, storage (negative and positive) and retarder proving for artisanal food, the super and hypermarket chains, and industries both for International and France.

Our know-how and experience enables us to meet, with standard or customized equipment, to the needs of professionals, from the bakeries, pastries and catering, either through direct support or via an efficient network of worldwide distributors.

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Hengel summer holidays

For information, the Company will be closed from Saturday, August 3rd to Monday, September 2nd. However the technical service will be available during the summer holidays. 

Feel free to send us your orders for July, August or September as soon as possible because the July production schedule already begins to fill up...

Whatever your holiday period is, we wish you nice holidays!



New Hengel newsletter - March 2019

After a little delay, the new newsletter is finally available.

On the program, reports on some of our clients:

  • Intermarché Illiers Combray (French Hypermarket),
  • the Spanish bakery Jesus Espinosa,
  • our Korean distributor Daewoo / Salva Korea,
  • the industrial company Bionatis, specialist in the production of labelized organic breads.


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