New chocolate storage cabinet

Discover our new range of chocolate storage cabinet especially intended for chocolatiers and pastry chefs who want to keep their chocolates in optimal conditions.
Stored in environment protected from light, odors and in a controlled atmosphere (temperature and hygrometry), chocolates will retain all their original qualities.

Hengel, official supplier of the World Pastry Cup 2017

Hengel has had the honor of being one of the official suppliers of the 2017 World Pastry Cup.
Back on this unforgettable adventure.

File on the preserving chocolate

The winter is favorable to tasting chocolates, we have written to you a memo on how to preserve its chocolates and factors to be considered to keep its chocolate blocks, chocolate coins or chocolate candies.

Our equipment

Standard or customized refrigeration / cooling  equipement

Hengel, French manufacturer for more than 30 years of premium equipment of deep-freezing, storage (negative and positive) and retarder proving designs refrigeration products for artisanal food, the super and hypermarket chains, and industries both for International and France.

Our know-how and experience enables us to meet, with standard or customized equipment, to the needs of professionals, from the bakeries, pastries and catering, either through direct support or via an efficient network of worldwide distributors.

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After sales service

Hengel is more than an equipment manufacturer for the bakery, pastry and catering, and knows how to listen to your requirements:

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13/03/2018 to 15/03/2018


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